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Landgrid Team

Custom-sized team accounts for your organization!

Landgrid accounts for your entire team - No matter the size, we’ve got an account for you.

All of your data, team & our nationwide parcel dataset & GIS tools in one central location, for just $20/month per user - we've made this flexible, so that you can choose the number of users that work best for you.

Doesn’t get better than this!


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(Image from Western Reserve Land Conservancy summer 2018 Survey)

Why Landgrid Team?

If you work with others on a daily basis, want to share information, or simply need access to some of the premium fields that Landgrid offers, Team is right for you.


1. Collaborate with your entire team - With a Team account, you and your colleagues can work seamlessly together on projects big and small.


2. Data Management Tools - Share data with your team members quickly and easily - not only can you view each others’ projects, but uploaded datasets can be shared across projects instantly.


3. Projects & Surveys - Unlock unlimited projects, focus areas, and bookmarking. Perfect for a team of any size.


4. Access Permissions - Provide your team members the appropriate amount of access for the job. Our permissions levels ensure that each collaborator gets the level of access they need, while also ensuring the integrity of the data you're working with.


5. Survey management tools - Surveying as a team has never been easier. With our survey tools & editor, you can ‘approve’ or ‘flag’ survey posts for later review. Access charts that track surveyor productivity over time.


6. Export premium fields - With your team accounts, you can download our premium fields of Standardized land use codes, USPS vacancy & buildings data as CSV/Spreadsheet data.


7. Print Maps - Print PDF’s of your projects, maps & focus areas in a matter of minutes. Creating reports of your mapping project just got a little bit easier.


All this for $20/month per user!

For larger teams, we can customize the size & price for you, just let us know by emailing us at parcels@landgrid.com and we'll get you set up in no time.


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(Preservation Chicago surveying effort, 2019)