Landgrid Videos

Mapping Platform Tutorials

1. Basic Navigation

Learn how to quickly navigate through the Landgrid Mapping Platform to get up & going with your mapping endeavors.


2. Saving a Project

Create & save a project to make color coded maps & conduct land surveys.


3. Bookmark Parcels

Bookmark and save properties that you find interesting to come back to at a later time!


4. Draw & Measure Focus Areas

Learn how to quickly draw a focus area and measure distances on your Landgrid map.


5. Filter Data

Filter your data on to gain deeper insights into your location.


6. Styling Map Data

Color coding & styling maps is easier than you imagined!


7. Importing Data

Learn how easy it is to import your own data and overlay it on the Landgrid map interface.


8. Using Datasets

Learn how to use multiple datasets for a more immersive mapping experience on the Landgrid mapping platform.


9. Spreadsheet Export

It's so easy to download parcel data in a spreadsheet/CSV format using the Landgrid mapping platform.


10. Survey Editor

Landgrid's easy to use survey editor can make it extremely easy for you to create a full fledged land survey questionnaire. This tutorial should help you get started with your upcoming survey right away.


11. Troubleshooting Data Import

Learn how to avoid some common roadblocks when importing a dataset based on parcel numbers on to the Landgrid Mapping Platform.


12. Building Footprints - Map Layer on

A quick overview to interacting with Loveland's latest dataset - Buildings Footprints. Learn how to visualize and filter using building footprint data at a parcel level.The insights you can get from this data and knowing how many buildings per parcel there are can be so powerful!


13. Setting Project DefaultPlace - Landgrid Platform

A quick how-to tutorial on creating & setting a default geography or location for your project on the Landgrid mapping platform.


14. Access Bounds - How-to Tutorial - Landgrid Platform

A quick tutorial on how to access & change "Bounds" and make the most out of it on the Landgrid mapping platform.


Landgrid Webcasts

1. Fighting Blight with Jerry Paffendorf

Loveland CEO, Jerry Paffendorf talks about what Blight is, Blight specifically in Detroit , Motor City Mapping, Neighbor to Neighbor initiative and how Loveland has evolved as a company that cares about communities across the country solving real problems such as blight, tax foreclosure & property data challenges.



2. Landgrid Enterprise Demo

Watch a full demo of Landgrid Enterprise Mapping Platform. Your trusted partner for property data collection
& management projects!

The webcast walks through:
1. Enterprise Value Propositions
2. End-to-end demo
3. Usecases



3. Launching Nationwide USPS Residential & Vacancy Data

Introducing Nationwide Residential & Vacancy Data on

Landgrid has integrated a powerful nationwide vacancy dataset from the United States Postal Service. Now you can easily see vacant properties of any zoning type in any neighborhood or city, as well as all residential properties regardless of vacancy.

Loveland's CEO & General Manager - Jerry Paffendorf & Sahana Murthy will help you understand this data & how you can use it!



4. Jerry Paffendorf 2019 Ohio Land Bank Conference Lunch Keynote

Watch Jerry Paffendorf give a keynote about all things Loveland, Landgrid Products, and the incredible USPS vacancy data at the 2019 - OH Landbank Conference, hosted by our partners at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy -


5. Surveying Vacant Properties with USPS Vacancy Data - Demo Landgrid recently integrated a powerful nationwide vacancy dataset from the United States Postal Service. It is now part of our mapping platform and using your Landgrid Enterprise account, you can now do a targeted, vacant properties survey in your town in a matter of minutes. Nick Downer and Sahana Murthy from the Loveland Team will show you how to survey vacant properties using the Landgrid platform's survey editor & the Landgrid mobile app.


6. Landgrid Enterprise for Real Estate

Part 1 of the new video series - Enterprise for Real Estate Meet Darin McLeskey ( - Detroit based realtor, property data expert, Landgrid Enterprise Data Manager & a long time Loveland user. Learn how Darin uses the Landgrid platform on a daily basis to help with property management & real estate sales.


7. Buildings Data & Footprints Demo on

Watch Nick & Sahana do a live demo of Buildings Data, footprints & use cases on the Landgrid Mapping Platform.



8. Landgrid Parcel Data - Overview & Coverage

Listen to Matt Hampel (Sr. Architect at Loveland) give a complete overview & demo of the Landgrid Parcel Data during our live webinar session.