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How Focus:HOPE used Loveland technology to deploy 5000 volunteers

By Sandra Yu on August 3, 2015

For the last couple of years, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has been planning to bring 30,000 youth from all over the country to Detroit for three days of service projects. (You may have heard about the "Skittle Factory Explosion.") The ELCA reached out to community organizations throughout Detroit to set up the projects.

In anticipation of the gathering, Focus: HOPE created the event's most ambitious project, ultimately employing 10,000 volunteers each day in an array of cleanup, board-up, mowing, and gardening projects in their 100 block revitalization area.

Check out this video to learn how project director Jerrell Harris worked with colleagues and community members to use Loveland's survey app and data from the Motor City Mapping project (the citywide survey built on Loveland's Site Control technology) in creating maps, workplans, and strategies to effectively deploy resources.

And... if you'd like to try out the technology yourself, head over to SITE CONTROL and take a look! We've got a great little video there to walk you through how you can make your own maps using Site Control.