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Parcel API Program, Buildings Data, Opportunity Zones & Much More…

By Sahana Murthy on November 5, 2019 · Announcements

Happy November!

As the year comes to a close and thoughts turn to 2020, let’s jump right in to what’s new for you.

1. New Parcel Data API Program:

We’ve launched a new way to access  our nationwide dataset of 146 million+ parcels via API for those who want the data in their own apps, but don’t need to host or download it.

There is a 30 day free trial, no payment info required, and after that if you want to continue using the API it’s only $500 - $2,000/month depending on the fields you want access to and the number of API calls.
Full details are at


For a license to download and host the data yourself, email us at

2. Product & Data Updates:

  • Landgrid Pro - For those of you with Pro and Enterprise accounts, we have a lot of great updates on the software side. If you don’t have a Landgrid Pro account yet and you use the site, then come on, it's time to upgrade. They’re only $75/year through the end of December and offer a much better experience: And if you’re trying to push a team project through a Pro account, just drop us a line and we’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need:
  • Opportunity Zones - You asked and we delivered! We added opportunity zones as columns to our dataset and as a layer to the mapping platform. 
  • Buildings Footprints - Mid November, we are going to launch buildings footprints as a layer on our platform (Pro & above) and we will also append buildings count per parcel to our dataset as a column.
  • Acreage & SQFT columns - We recently added acreage & SQFT of each parcel as columns to our nationwide dataset. You should be able to download this as part of our next parcel update.
  • Landgrid App - We have made so many improvements to our mobile surveying app that listing them would go against our current goal to keep this email short. ;) Check it out. Its free to download -
  • Site Control- In December, we will be closing down entirely. Those of you who still use Sitecontrol, we highly recommend that you login into using your Sitecontrol credentials and continue using your account as is. has all the features that Sitecontrol does, but is augmented with an intuitive & user friendly UI. 

3. People of Landgrid Series :
We launched our first ever customer story with Giancarlo Di Lonardo from New Jersey Community Capital.
Read all about the amazing work Giancarlo & NJCC are doing for NJ communities -

Help us tell your story by emailing

We're sure you are all planning for a solid start to the new year.
Holler & let us know how we or our solutions can help you with your projects & goals. We are just an email away.

Happy Mapping!



October Letter from Loveland’s CEO: Happy Weddings, Vacancy Data, and The Oklahoma Land Rush

By Sahana Murthy on October 10, 2019 · Announcements

Letter from the CEO of Loveland Technologies &

Picking up from my last note about the upcoming wedding, I have happy news to report…

We did it and it was great!

While the building of our marriage is now fully occupied, the theme of the month at Loveland HQ is nationwide vacant property data.

Write to us at if you're interested in data on vacant properties in your community or nationwide. And thank you to everyone who has already taken us up on our October data discount. 


Last week I presented at the Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference in Atlanta. I was on a panel with two groups whom we have the pleasure of working with on property surveys and data wrangling: The Hartford Land Bank in Connecticut, and New Jersey Community Capital.

Reclaiming Vacant Properties is a meaningful conference for me. It makes me meditate on our journey of assembling nationwide parcel data, which started in part by getting really good at counting vacant buildings in Detroit. I remember driving overnight from Detroit to Philadelphia for the conference back in 2013. I didn’t have a hotel room so I reclined in the driver’s seat and slept in the parking lot for a few hours before going in. 

For years I’ve listened to people argue over the best way to determine whether or not a property is vacant, and I feel comfortable confirming that the nationwide USPS vacancy data we now provide is THE BEST out-of-the-box dataset for determining both the scale of vacancy in a community and whether or not a particular building is likely vacant. 

If you want to use this data, reach out to us at and we'll set you up with the best method depending on your needs and use-case.


Lastly, I have a book recommendation. While skimming the airport bookshelves in Chicago, my eyes fell upon a book called Boom Town: The Fantastical Saga of Oklahoma City, Its Chaotic Founding, Its Apocalyptic Weather, Its Purloined Basketball Team, and the Dream of Becoming a World-class Metropolis. The disarming thesis of the book is that Oklahoma City is among the most interesting cities in the country, if not the world. I was in the mood to be convinced of this, and wasn’t disappointed. The book covers much more than the land rush, but as land grid mappers who have seen a lot of strange things, the story of the Oklahoma Land Rush is just too much to actually fathom. At noon on April 22, 1889, people just started running to the land they wanted to own, overlapping and leaving no room for streets — a problem that needed to be solved in the complete absence of government. Of course there were conniving people who had already tried to rig things. Two competing companies pre-planned a layout for downtown Oklahoma City, hiding in the high grass before the rush and essentially just standing up and getting to work at noon. Or something like that. They refused to compromise, and some of the otherwise straight streets of Oklahoma City had strange jogs to connect these incompatible plans.

(Of course I went to try to find them on our Oklahoma City map, but it looks like they’ve mostly since been corrected. I did however learn that Oklahoma City Southwest has 6,331 vacant buildings according to the USPS data, so, you know, score.)

If you’re into American history, the development of cities, and/or looking for new and exciting ways to put your family to sleep this Thanksgiving, I recommend Boom Town. It really is interesting and well written, and it opens up into a beautiful mediation on this strange world we all live in, and the contradictions and coincidences and crazy characters that coalesce into civilization.

Jerry Paffendorf

CEO, LOVELAND Technologies

407 E Fort St, Suite 100
Detroit, MI 48226


October Discount on Vacant Property Data & More - Fall 2019!

By Sahana Murthy on September 30, 2019 · Announcements

Fall 2019 is here! Don’t worry - this is not the fashion edition. ;)

We are just excited to kickstart the fall and holiday season with some amazing product updates and some deep discounts to our customers! 

Landgrid Fall Discounts! 
We know , We know… Enough talk of the Fall Season! Let’s get to the interesting stuff - October Discounts, Was It???
Announcing the Landgrid Fall Promotions: October 2019 

1. Landgrid Pro: $75   
From today, October 1st, through the end of the year, annual Pro accounts are only $75/Year. With the addition of more data (USPS, Opportunity zones etc) for Pro customers plus our user-friendly mapping tools, it’s time to get off the fence and become a Landgrid Pro member in 2019. Get a Pro account here.

  • Why are we doing this you ask???
  • To make the amazing & powerful USPS vacancy data accessible to you on your Pro subscription. Also so you can make the most out of our mapping platform without restrictions.
  • Monthly pricing still remains at $10/month, if you choose a monthly subscription.
  • To avail this offer, go to and choose Pro, annual subscription!

USPS Discounts: (Only through October)
Through the end of October only we are offering a discount on our exportable US Postal Service vacancy and residential property data for both national and locally focused customers.

Jerry, our CEO, will be presenting at the big Reclaiming Vacant Properties Conference in Atlanta this week, so these are timely deals.

2. Local USPS offer: $2500

  • If you want unrestricted use of the USPS data within your county, only $2,500 will allow you to export spreadsheets containing the vacancy and residential property data for your county for one year. This is a great upgrade to Enterprise - Team for Pro users who want to export the USPS data from their account, and a great way in for organizations who want to do the same.
  • Don’t wait. Take advantage of this offer to get a huge jump on understanding and managing the scale of vacancy in your community.
  • This offer is valid only till the end of October. So grab it before it ends by emailing us at
  • Note - Existing Enterprise customers already have this option, plus additional services.
  1. National USPS offer: $10,000  
    (For existing & new data customers)
  • If you want nationwide access to the USPS data, we are offering access to nationwide spreadsheets or the additional USPS columns added to your current parcel data license for only $10,000 for one year.
  • This is a great deal for people who need lists of property information in multiple communities apart from parcel data, and for parcel data customers who want the USPS columns added to their parcels. 

We will only be running the USPS deal through the end of October so please write to us at to claim your spot. Yes, we can be a little lenient if you need to budget or move funds around, but only if you confirm your intent to purchase the USPS data within the month of October. Just like parcel boundaries, lines must be drawn!

Landgrid Product & Data Updates
As you know from our recent updates and announcements, we have been amping up our product suite BIG TIME.

For the uninitiated, here’s a quick recap of what we have added recently and what we are currently adding to our products:

  1. Nationwide USPS vacancy & residential data to our parcel dataset & the mapping platform.
  2. We also just added nationwide opportunity zones to our dataset & mapping platform. You can find them at both parcel level & as a map layer on the mapping platform if you have a Pro and above subscription.
  3. We are currently in the process of adding nationwide Building Footprints, along with normalized zoning codes - where - you guessed it - Nationwide!
  4. We improved the map UI to make it easier to use and we amped it up a bunch of helpful tips, available on demand at all times for you.
  5. We made each individual parcel record printable into PDF’s. You can now notarize each survey record by printing it as a PDF if that’s important in your line of work.
  6. Landgrid App - If its been awhile since you used the Landgrid survey app, now is the time to check it out. New UI, better functionality & improved performance is what you will find! Oh also, we changed the name from the Loveland Next app to the easy peezy Landgrid App. Surveying &/or looking up parcels on the go has never been easier.

You can read all about our recent product developments on this blog here.

People of Landgrid!
Some of you may have seen our email from last week about a new customer focused series that we want to start soon called the - People of Landgrid!

You know, we love our customers!
And we want to celebrate YOU!
Each month, we would love to tell your story - What goals you accomplish, how your work is making a difference in your field & industry etc.

You - The People of Landgrid make us better as a company!
Help us tell your stories better! Join us in our people of landgrid series!

Email and she will get in touch with you to schedule a time to talk more about you and the work you do.

Checkout the full update from last week here -

Jerry’s Keynote at the OH Land Bank Conference!

The OLB Conference is an annual meeting of land banks that convene from all over Ohio to learn about best practices and policy changes that directly affect their work - hosted by our partners at the Western Reserve Land Conservancy -

Watch Jerry's keynote from the event, about all things Loveland, Landgrid Products, and the incredible USPS vacancy data:

Its conference season!
Jerry is also speaking at the panel this week at the Center for Community Progress’ Reclaiming Vacant Property Conference in Atlanta. If you are attending the RVP this year, please let us know. Jerry, Nick & Sahana from our team will be there and they would love the opportunity to catch up with you!

Well, that brings us to the end of the October Newsletter!
Stay tuned with us for announcements on building footprints & other updates! We are cracking away to close the year on a high note! 

Please make the most out of this amazing, albeit short lived Fall weather and might we add - please make the most out of our Fall promotions!
Let us know if you are interested in taking us up on any of the above discounts. Just holler at You know we are a super friendly team and we will get in touch with you right away!.

Until then, enjoy some yummy fall soups & halloween candies!

Happy October!


Introducing Nationwide Residential & Vacancy Data on

By Sahana Murthy on September 3, 2019 · Announcements

We’ve got a big new update for you. Like, a REALLY BIG one!!!

Launching today, Nationwide USPS Residential & Vacancy Data!
We have integrated a powerful nationwide vacancy dataset from the United States Postal Service.

Now you can easily see vacant properties of any zoning type in any neighborhood or city, as well as all residential properties regardless of vacancy.

We've built this powerful dataset from United States Postal Service data, and we'll be updating it frequently throughout the year.
The data is available on our platform right now for Pro and Enterprise customers, so you can visit to check it out. If you don't have a Pro account yet you can sign up here. The data can also be licensed for use outside of our website in your own app or database.

We're excited to provide this vacancy data nationwide at the parcel level, something that to our knowledge has not been done before. While aggregated USPS vacancy data is a widely-accepted indicator and has been used in academic studies and research since at least 2010, there has rarely been a way to crack that data open and see how those aggregations have been made, or how reliable the data is.
While we know that the data is not perfect - and we hope that you get in touch with us to share your findings, so we can refine this dataset going forward - the Loveland team feels that this is an important tool for our friends and partners to have, and a revolutionary step forward in understanding the property dynamics in our communities. 

Visit the USPS data page on our website or read on below -

What does this mean for each one of our solutions, you ask???

Landgrid Mapping Platform - Pro & Enterprise
If you’re a Pro or Enterprise member of you now have an easy way to see all residential parcels, nationwide, as well as an indicator of vacancy across all parcels that have buildings, whether they’re residential, commercial, or industrial.

This is data we’ve cleaned, organized, and integrated from the US Postal Service to make it our own and bring it to life for you with our other parcel data.

It means that you can now go to your city or the places you’re interested in and use the Filter function to show all residential properties and/or Filter to show all vacant buildings, alone or in combination with any other characteristic you’re looking for.

Surveying Vacant Properties with the Landgrid App:
And for those of you who work on tracking and addressing vacant property in your cities, you can now load the vacant properties into a survey so you can quickly visit and document them in the field. 
Check out our USPS Data Page to learn how to load vacant properties onto your app for surveying - &

This is all now completely live on, and we’re excited to show it off at the upcoming Ohio Land Bank Conference in Cincinnati where our CEO, Jerry Paffendorf, will be giving a keynote presentation, and at the Center for Community Progress’ Reclaiming Vacant Property Conference in Atlanta where Jerry will be on a panel.

If you don’t have a Landgrid Pro account yet you can sign up here for only $10/month or $100/year.
If you or your organization are working on a project that needs support, multiple users, or custom work from our team, check out our Enterprise offerings here which typically range from $10,000 and up depending on your needs.

Landgrid Parcel Data:
This data can also be licensed for use in your own system along with our other nationwide parcel data. Write to us at if you are interested.

Note: All data has limitations and imperfections, but this is an incredible dataset for you to make use of.  So please be aware that there might be some discrepancies with this data occasionally. 
Some of the limitations and imperfections here include not yet being able to match every address to every parcel perfectly; the vacancy indicator may apply to one or a few units within an otherwise occupied multi-unit dwelling; you are asked not to use the data for direct mail commercial marketing campaigns, and the USPS data will not download in a CSV export for Pro customers. (though after you Filter you can export a CSV of those properties minus the USPS column). 
Learn more about this data & its limitations here

We will be working to ground-truth and improve the accuracy of this data moving forward. If you have observations about the USPS data in your area which you'd like to share with us in an effort to refine and improve the information, please contact Nick:

Those things aside and in mind, this is a huge leap for parcel-kind!
While standardized nationwide zoning is hard, you now have a uniform nationwide indicator of what is residential (alongside of the other local zoning information we have). Similarly, while understanding nationwide vacancy is hard, you now have an out-of-the-box solution to understand the scale of potential vacancy and jumpstart your planning processes.

Please parcel responsibly, and reach out to us at if we can do anything for you.


Happy Mapping!

Sahana Murthy

GM, Loveland Technologies